Easy access poster holders
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Easy access poster holders

Poster clip required for all sizes larger than A3 poster size

Acrylic shelf also available on order for cable system to create a floating display look.

Item Description Packsize Qty.  
EAPH-1/5 Single A5 P 2mm 1 Quote
EAPH-2/5 Single A5 L 2mm 1 Quote
EAPH-1/4 Single A4 P 2mm 1 Quote
EAPH-2/4 Single A4 L 2mm 1 Quote
EAPH-1/3 Single A3 P 2mm 1 Quote
EAPH-2/3 Single A3 L 2mm 1 Quote
EAPH-1/2 Single A2 P 3mm 1 Quote
EAPH-2/2 Single A2 L 3mm 1 Quote
EAPH-1/1 Single A1 P 3mm 1 Quote
EAPH-2/1 Single A1 L 3mm 1 Quote
EAPH-1/0 Single A0 P 2mm 1 Quote
EAPH-1/23 Single 20"x30" 3mm 1 Quote
EAPH-1/4 Double 2x A4 P 2mm 1 Quote
EATPH-1/3 Triple 3x A4 P 2mm 1 Quote